About Us

The Backstory

In 2008 Nick attended the Chef’s Academy right here in Indianapolis in the pursuit of becoming a chef. While he was there a chef asked his class what they planned to do with their degree and how they where going to impact the local community. 90% of the class responded with opening a restaurant and giving back once they were rich. Nick was no exception to that dream. That is when the chef challenged us to think beyond the business and dreams. He asked us how as chef we could bring an end to world hunger……

Over the years this dialog and challenge continued to come back to me and I continued to think of ways I could make a difference. So in 2017 I decided to make a non profit that would allow us to showcase the power of urban farms to create healthier communities and reconnecting with healthy food production through more frequent encounters with agriculture.

We believe that turning vacant lots into productive, nourishing farmland can create something from nothing – an eyesore to food security.
We invite our community to “dig in” and advance our mission by getting involved.

Our Mission

Indy Urban Farm’s mission is to grow and educate the next generation of farmers by connecting our community to sustainable agriculture.

Our Vision

Is to have a main farm location for teaching the next generation of farmers, while taking abandon lots around Indianapolis and turning them into community gardens that help break up food insecurities.

Our Values

Local Food
Nourishing our bodies while supporting economic development

Encouraging and supporting innovation in urban agriculture

Strengthening civic engagement and neighborhood pride

Recognizing the transformative power of cultivating the soil

Stewarding the health of the nonprofit and the environment

Meet Our Team

Nick Stromske
Founder & Director
Devan Stromske
Public Relations