Our Mission


To transform vacant and abandoned lots in the Greater Indianapolis area into sustainable urban farms, while using these farms to create employment opportunities, address food security issues and educate the urban farmers of tomorrow.


Working with our community partners to secure land in the city for growing food, providing employment and education. Imagine the impact of converting abandoned city lots into thriving urban farms. In the coming years we will help create a checkerboard of productive urban farms across Indianapolis.


  • Reclaiming Land
  • Educating the Farmers of the Future
  • Removing Food Insecurities
  • Providing Gainful Employment

Fighting Food Insecurities

80% of all the produce and fruit that our plots create each season are donated to various food banks and kitchens to help end food insecurity here in Indianapolis. That food is given on a daily basis to help keep up with the growing demand of the food insecure populations of Indianapolis.

Bringing The Urban Farm To Every Backyard

We are not only trying to eliminate food insecurity here in Indianapolis, but we want to teach everyone how to have their own urban farm in the backyard so that they can provide for themselves and their local community. If everyone in the community is help one and other we can bring about a change that will see no one going hungry and creating new job skills.